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Is Xbox dev mode free?

Let‘s get this clear first – activating Xbox dev mode requires a small one-time payment. You need to pay $19 to unlock dev mode access on your retail Xbox console.

However, this is a single upfront cost. Once dev mode is enabled, you can freely switch between retail and dev mode on that Xbox. So while not completely free, considering the possibilities it unlocks, I‘d say $19 is a steal!

Now let me tell you exactly what dev mode is, what you can do with it, and how to get started…

What is Xbox Dev Mode?

Dev mode transforms your retail Xbox One or Series X/S into a development kit.

It allows running unsigned code and apps – stuff you create or download outside the Microsoft store. Think of it like "jailbreaking" your Xbox to run homebrew software.

Dev mode is meant for developers to test and debug their Xbox programs. But enthusiasts also use it for:

  • Emulation – RetroArch, PlayStation, Nintendo emulators
  • Utilities like FPS counters, cheat engines, data extractors
  • Game mods and customizations
  • Media servers and IPTV apps like Plex, Kodi etc.

Microsoft allows this tinkering as long as you don‘t pirate commercial games or hack the core Xbox firmware. We‘ll discuss the rules in more detail soon.

How Many Xbox Dev Mode Users Are There?

While Microsoft doesn‘t share official stats, the number of Xbox dev mode users is estimated to be in the tens of thousands worldwide.

Here are some indicators of dev mode‘s growing popularity:

Subscribers in /r/xdeveloper subreddit 8,400+
Members in Xbox Hacking Facebook Group 19,000+
Members in GBATemp Xbox Dev Forum 22,000+

The community creating homebrew apps and mods for Xbox dev mode is thriving!

History of Xbox Dev Mode Policies

Enabling dev mode on retail Xbox consoles has been possible for years. But Microsoft‘s policy around it has evolved:

  • Introduced in 2015 for testing UWP apps, only allowed approved accounts.
  • Opened to all developers in 2016 for $19 fee.
  • Blocked in 2017 after widespread misuse for piracy.
  • Restored in 2018 but limited functionality.
  • Full access returned in 2020, remains active as of 2023.

While Microsoft has tried restricting dev mode in the past, today it embraces the homebrew community as long as they follow the rules.

How to Enable Dev Mode on Xbox

Prerequisite: You‘ll need a Windows 10 PC with an internet connection.

Here are the steps to activate dev mode:

  1. On your Xbox, search the store for "Dev Mode Activation" app. Install it.
  2. Launch the app, note down the registration code it shows.
  3. On your PC, sign up for an developer account at
  4. Enter the code from Xbox to activate dev mode on your account.
  5. Pay the $19 dev mode activation fee.
  6. On the Xbox, enable dev mode in settings.
  7. Reboot the console and you are in dev mode!

The process takes about 10-15 minutes. Once enabled, switching between retail and dev mode is quick – just a reboot away!

Common Questions About Enabling Dev Mode

Here are some common questions about the activation process:

Does the $19 fee renew every year?

No, it‘s a one-time payment to Microsoft. Dev mode remains active on your Xbox after that.

Can I enable dev mode on multiple Xboxes?

Yes, but you need to pay $19 and activate each console separately.

What if I factory reset my Xbox?

Your dev account will still be active, just repeat the Xbox setup process. No need to repay!

What Xbox versions support dev mode?

All Xbox One and Series X/S consoles support it. Original Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X – they all work!

What Can You Do with an Xbox Dev Kit?

The possibilities are endless! Here are some of the most popular uses of an Xbox dev kit:

Run Emulators and Retro Gaming

RetroArch is an all-in-one emulator that supports dozens of systems on Xbox including PlayStation, Nintendo, Arcade games and more.

With dev mode you can turn your Xbox into a retro gaming powerhouse. Play classic games from Atari, SNES, N64, PSP, DS, PS1 and more!

Utility Apps and Game Mods

There are various utility apps like FPS counters, achievement unlockers, save file editors, mod installers etc. made for dev mode.

You can also mod and customize games to enhance graphics, add cheats, edit game logic, and so on. Sky‘s the limit when you have full access.

Stream Media using Apps Like Plex and Kodi

Dev mode lets you install unofficial media center apps. Plex and Kodi are popular for streaming your local media library and IPTV.

Turn your Xbox into the ultimate home media hub with these powerful apps.

Run Linux Distros and Other OS

If you want to transform your Xbox into a PC, you can install Linux distros like Ubuntu, SteamOS, RetroPie etc. with dev mode.

Dual booting between Windows and your favorite Linux OS opens up so many possibilities.

Browse the Web with Real Browsers

The Microsoft Edge browser on Xbox is limited, but in dev mode you can install desktop browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.

Use your Xbox to browse the web fully loaded with extensions on a big screen TV!

Develop and Test UWP Apps

Dev mode allows compiling, deploying and debugging your own UWP apps and games built with technologies like WinJS, C++, Unity etc.

Great for developers to test their Xbox programs without needing an expensive dev kit.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless once you unlock the full potential of your Xbox!

Is Xbox Dev Mode Legal and Safe?

Dev mode itself is authorized and legal according to Microsoft‘s terms of use. Certain uses of it however fall into a gray area.

Microsoft‘s Rules on Dev Mode Usage

The Xbox Developer Program Rules state:

"Developers may use Xbox consoles for development purposes only. Distribution of Xbox console-enabled applications for purposes other than development is prohibited."

So officially, dev mode should only be used to create and test your own programs.

But Microsoft turns a blind eye to hobbyists using it for emulation, homebrew apps and game mods. They allow enthusiasts to tinker as long as they don‘t pirate protected content or hack the Xbox firmware.

However, Microsoft can still ban you for violating their terms of service. More on that next.

Risk of Account Bans

There are sporadic reports of accounts being banned for piracy or cheating in online games using unsigned code.

To avoid any issues, it‘s best to keep your dev mode Xbox offline and don‘t use it to play online multiplayer games.

Also don‘t pirate retail games, modify achievements etc. Stick to homebrew apps and solo offline games, and you should be fine.

Additionally, use a separate Xbox for dev mode instead of your primary console. This keeps your main account safe if anything goes wrong.

Risk of Bricking your Xbox

If you improperly modify system files in dev mode, there is a small chance of severely damaging your console.

This "soft brick" would need factory resetting the Xbox from a USB drive to recover.

To avoid issues, don‘t tamper with any critical files of the base Xbox OS. Overall the risk is low using dev mode responsibly.

Top 5 Tips for New Xbox Dev Mode Users

For newcomers to Xbox dev mode, follow these tips to get started the right way:

  1. Activate on a secondary console – Keep your main Xbox untouched to be safe.
  2. Stay offline – Don‘t connect to Xbox Live while running unsigned code.
  3. Don‘t pirate games – Stick to homebrew apps and free emulators.
  4. Use Sandboxie – Run apps in Sandboxie virtual space for added protection.
  5. Read guides carefully – Follow dev mode guides exactly, don‘t take risks.

Start with common tools like RetroArch emulator first. Once you get comfortable, move on to more advanced apps and mods.


While not completely "free", paying a one-time $19 dev mode activation fee unlocks tremendous possibilities with your retail Xbox.

You can transform your console into a dev kit to run emulators, mods, media apps, Linux distros and much more!

Microsoft generally turns a blind eye to dev mode hobbyists as long as you follow their rules. Take precautions, don‘t pirate games, and have fun exploring everything dev mode enables!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions. And don‘t forget to check out my blog for even more Xbox tutorials and tips. Happy modding!