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Japanese Voice Actress of 2B from NieR:Automata Releases Cover of “Weight of the World”

Yui Ishikawa, the Japanese voice actress of 2B from NieR:Automata, recently collaborated with CrosSing to perform a cover of the iconic track “Weight of the World.” This track is known for playing at defining story moments in the game that have left a lasting impact on dedicated fans. The full performance, lasting six and a half minutes, can be viewed on YouTube.

In other news, the NieR:Automata Ver 1.1a anime has concluded its first cour, which consisted of 12 episodes. A second cour was officially announced, but there is no information available yet regarding when these new episodes will be released. The anime has reached the point just before the game's route C, and the twelfth episode concludes with a preview teasing an adaptation of route C's events.

NieR:Automata has achieved significant commercial success, selling over seven million units worldwide. Square Enix has uploaded a one-hour compilation music video featuring chill tracks from the NieR series.

For those interested, Yui Ishikawa's cover of “Weight of the World” is embedded below. NieR:Automata The End of YoRHa Edition is now available for Nintendo Switch worldwide. The game's first version, simply titled NieR:Automata, is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC. The Xbox version includes the colosseum DLC with no extra purchases required.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game has a physical release with a reversible cover and does not require an internet connection to play. It includes all existing DLC as well as new NieR Replicant & Re[in]carnation costumes.

NieR:Automata was originally released in 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PC, followed by an Xbox One release in 2018. The game follows the story of characters named 2B and 9S, who are members of Yorha, an organization assigned to combat and gather information. The game gained popularity for its captivating storytelling and unique blend of action, exploration, and shmup gameplay elements.