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Journey Record: A Unique Perspective-Shifting Action RPG Coming to PC in 2024

PLAYISM and developer Kochi Create have joined forces to bring gamers a new and innovative action RPG called Journey Record. Set to be released on PC (Steam) in 2024, this game offers a fresh gameplay experience by introducing the concept of perspective-shifting through the use of Crystals and a Magic Eye Camera.

At first glance, Journey Record may appear to be a retro 2D RPG, but it is actually an action RPG that presents players with the ability to switch between viewing the world in 2D and 3D. As players progress through puzzle-like stages, they will face challenging battles and uncover secrets by changing their perception of the world. The protagonist, a young girl who has lost her vision, embarks on this journey with her trusty cat companion, who possesses the Magic Eye Camera, allowing her to see the world through its lens.

The use of Crystals empowers the girl to explore the world from various perspectives, ultimately leading her to uncover the truths hidden within. By switching between different views, players will find new paths and reveal secrets that would have otherwise remained hidden. With charming HD 2.5D-esque pixel art graphics, Journey Record creates an enchanting visual experience for players.

The announcement trailer showcases the game's unique gameplay mechanics and captivating pixel art style, providing a glimpse into the immersive world of Journey Record.

With its innovative perspective-shifting gameplay and captivating visuals, Journey Record is set to offer a truly unique gaming experience for action RPG enthusiasts. As the release date approaches, players can look forward to embarking on an exciting journey filled with exploration, challenging battles, and the unraveling of hidden mysteries.

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– Action RPG: a genre of role-playing games that emphasizes real-time combat and fast-paced action elements.
– PC: a personal computer, a general-purpose computing device designed for individual use.