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Ken’s Matchup Chart for Street Fighter 6: Evo 2023 Predictions

Ken is expected to be a strong contender in Street Fighter 6, and one of the top players, NASR|AngryBird, has shared his matchup chart for Ken going into Evo 2023.

According to AngryBird, Ken has a disadvantage against Luke due to Luke's better projectile and longer reaching normals. AngryBird also believes that Chun-Li has the upper hand against Ken because she can safely approach him while forcing him to take risks.

However, AngryBird previously thought that Ken had the advantage against Juri, but after facing Xiao Hai, he considers the matchup to be more even. In general, AngryBird believes that Ken has either an even or advantageous matchup against most of the cast, including characters like Cammy and JP.

Furthermore, NASR|BigBird, AngryBird's training partner and friend, has also created a matchup chart for Marisa, where it appears that she doesn't lose outright to anyone.

If you want to see the full matchup chart for Ken and hear both AngryBird and BigBird discuss the placements, you can watch their video, linked below.

With these predictions and insights, Ken is shaping up to be a formidable character in Street Fighter 6. Only time will tell if these predictions hold true as the competition at Evo 2023 unfolds.