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Khaby Lame Becomes a Video Game Character in Fortnite

Khaby Lame, the popular social media influencer with over 160 million TikTok followers, has taken his fame to the gaming world. Lame, known for his wordless videos and expressive face, has become a playable character in the latest season of Epic Games' Fortnite.

In Chapter 4: Season 4, titled “Last Resort,” players can unlock Lame's “icon series” skin through the Battle Pass system. This season revolves around a high-stakes heist, where players can break into vaults and sneak past security cameras as Lame.

Lame, who has been a fan of Fortnite for years, received an exciting offer from Epic Games about a year ago. He collaborated closely with the game developers to ensure that his character's outfits, look, and role in the game were authentic.

Reflecting on the process, Lame mentioned that he learned a lot from the creator process. He spent time with the team, brainstorming ideas for his character's outfits and even filmed his body movements for in-game play. Working with the Fortnite team was a great experience for Lame, who was grateful to have his input valued throughout the development.

When his skin finally went live in the game, Lame had a surreal moment. He spent 15 minutes just staring at his character, realizing how blessed he felt to be part of such an exciting venture. The fan response to his inclusion in Fortnite has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans sending him screenshots and shout-outs while playing as his character.

Being featured in Fortnite is another milestone for Khaby Lame, who has built a massive following on social media platforms through his entertaining and relatable content. This collaboration showcases the power of social media influencers and their impact on the gaming industry.

– Variety (The source of the original article)