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Kia’s Tilt-Proof Challenge Tests Gamers’ Calmness in a Racecar

Kia, the main partner of the League of Legends EMEA Championship, is engaging esports fans with its Tilt-Proof Challenge. The challenge requires participants to stay calm as they ride in a fast-moving racecar. If they lose their composure and “tilt,” they walk away with nothing.

This entertaining campaign is designed to promote Kia's Facial Analysis app, which tracks minor emotional reactions in combination with a heart rate monitor and pulse oximeter. The app aims to highlight the brand's latest EV6 GT, which offers an exhilarating and dynamic driving experience.

David Hilbert, director of marketing at Kia Europe, explains that the campaign brings together the concepts of “tilt-proof” from the League of Legends EMEA Championship and the EV6 GT. By challenging participants to stay calm in the EV6 GT, Kia demonstrates the car's fun and dynamic driving performance.

The campaign, developed by creative agency Innocean Berlin, has a social-first approach and will be launched on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch across different European markets. The interaction between the latest technology and human emotions, combined with the award-winning car, is intended to leave viewers with a question: “Would I remain tilt-proof?”

Participants in the campaign include gamers Jorge Casanaovas, Carmen Sanchez, Romain Jacques, and Daniel Broekmann. The voiceover for the challenge is provided by well-known caster Aaron “Medic” Chamberlain, a familiar voice to League of Legends fans.

Kia emphasizes that viewers should not attempt the challenge at home, as the video was filmed at a driving center under controlled conditions.

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