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Kick Introduces Creator Program for Livestreamers

Livestreaming platform Kick has announced the launch of its Creator Program, a new payout system for streamers. The platform introduced the program on August 15, 2023, revealing the “first class” of incentivized creators.

Co-founder Ed “Eddie” Craven believes that the Creator Program will surpass anything seen so far in the industry. He expressed excitement about the future of live content and streamers, stating that the program will push boundaries and exceed expectations.

During a recent livestream, popular Twitch streamer Adin Ross provided details about the Creator Program. He announced that verified Twitch streamers will now have the opportunity to earn a salary on Kick. Ross mentioned that the program is still in its early stages, and the platform is currently selecting content creators to participate.

Ross emphasized that he had the authority to choose Twitch streamers eligible for this new incentive. He encouraged streamers, regardless of their current viewership, to reach out to him to discuss potential opportunities.

The announcement of the Creator Program has sparked discussions among fans on platforms like Reddit. While some believe that the program will benefit streamers, others express skepticism about Kick's offerings, seeing them as “too good to be true.” Nonetheless, many viewers are eager to see how the program unfolds once it moves out of the beta phase.

As Kick ventures into this new phase with the Creator Program, it is set to revolutionize the livestreaming industry even further and provide exciting opportunities for content creators.