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Kristala: An Upcoming Souls-like RPG with a Feline Twist

My initial impression of Kristala, an upcoming 3D fantasy RPG featuring customizable cat warriors, was that it was “Dark Souls 4 but you play as an Elder Scrolls Khajiit.” However, according to Alexis Brutman and Sarah Schaffstall of developer Astral Clocktower, this description is not entirely accurate. Kristala is more akin to Bloodborne 2, inspired by the founders' love for the game and their desire to create something similar. It takes inspiration from games like Sekiro and Assassin's Creed, making it one of the most exciting Souls-like games in recent times.

The origins of Kristala and Astral Clocktower can be traced back to the release of Bloodborne. Brutman, who was a software engineer at the time, became obsessed with the game and started daydreaming about creating her own. This led her to pursue game programming and eventually form Astral Clocktower. With the support of co-owner Tiffany Gomez and later an expanding team of developers, the game started taking shape.

While Kristala falls into the Souls-like genre, the developers aim to make it more approachable for players. They want to avoid the intimidation factor often associated with Souls-like games. The inclusion of cats in the game adds a unique flavor to the stealth-action combat, with the protagonist having agile abilities similar to a ninja.

The game also features a special branching leveling tree specifically designed for feline-related skills, allowing players to enhance their cat-like abilities. Additionally, the developers are considering introducing dogs as allies to the cat warriors, including giant, fluffy dog mounts for traversal in larger areas.

Overall, Kristala offers a blend of gameplay elements from games like Sekiro, Assassin's Creed, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne. The flexibility of playstyles adds to its appeal, allowing players to choose between being a powerful tank or a sneaky assassin.

– Astral Clocktower (developer)