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Last Epoch: A Customizable Skill Tree ARPG

Last Epoch, an upcoming time-travel fantasy ARPG, is set to release later this year. Developed by Eleventh Hour Games, the game has been in early access since 2019 and has gained popularity among gamers looking for an alternative to Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2.

One of the standout features of Last Epoch is its customizable skill trees. According to Judd Cobler, the founder, CEO, and game director of Eleventh Hour Games, every skill in the game has its own transformative skill tree. This means that players have a wide range of options when building their characters and can choose from various paths and abilities.

For example, the newly announced mage class, called the Runemaster, has 40 different spells that can be cast using a single attack key. Each spell has its own skill tree with numerous unlockable nodes, offering a dizzying number of options for customization. Players can invest up to 20 skill points per ability and can respec their skill trees for free, allowing for flexibility and experimentation.

In addition to the skill trees, Last Epoch also features in-depth passive skills and a crafting system. The crafting system allows players to extract modifiers from items and apply them to other relevant items, similar to the gem system in Xenoblade. This system is designed to be approachable and intuitive, eliminating the need for players to rely on external guides.

The game's plot revolves around time travel, with players navigating through five distinct eras. Each era has its own unique visual style and atmosphere, providing a diverse and immersive experience. Cobler cites Chrono Trigger as an inspiration for the time-travel aspect of the game and emphasizes the visual spectrum it brings to the ARPG genre.

Last Epoch offers a refreshing take on the ARPG genre with its customizable skill trees, in-depth crafting system, and time-traveling campaign plot. With its full release on the horizon, fans of the genre can look forward to an immersive and highly customizable gaming experience.

– Eleventh Hour Games