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League of Legends Confirms Return of Nexus Blitz in 2023

League of Legends players have long been clamoring for the return of the popular game mode, Nexus Blitz, and it seems their wishes have been granted. In a recent announcement, the League of Legends team confirmed that Nexus Blitz will be making a comeback in the near future. This news comes after years of fans eagerly awaiting the return of the beloved game mode.

The developers acknowledged the demand for Nexus Blitz and revealed that they have been working on bringing it back. While the game mode made a brief appearance a few years ago, it quickly disappeared, leaving players craving more. However, the accidental publishing of Nexus Blitz to the live server hinted at its impending return.

According to the latest update, Nexus Blitz is set to be released with League of Legends Patch 13.20 during the Worlds event on October 11, 2023. Prior to this, players can expect to see the game mode on the PBE with Patch 13.19 starting from September 26, 2023.

Nexus Blitz offers a unique and exciting experience for players. With its various mini-games and special abilities, such as being shot out of a cannon or riding a cart into the opposing team, it provides fast-paced action that can be completed in just 10 minutes. The game mode includes elements from the main Rift mode, such as minions and towers, making it reminiscent of a regular League of Legends game.

While Nexus Blitz has yet to become a permanent fixture like ARAM, the League of Legends team has shown an interest in exploring new game modes. With the return of Nexus Blitz and the time and effort being invested in creating new game experiences, it is clear that the developers are listening to and considering the desires of the player community.

In conclusion, players can look forward to the return of Nexus Blitz in 2023. Its reintroduction will bring a fresh and exciting game mode to the League of Legends community, offering a break from the traditional Summoner's Rift experience. Get ready for action-packed battles and intense gameplay, as Nexus Blitz makes its highly anticipated comeback.

– The Game Haus