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League of Legends Introduces “La Ilusión” Skinline Inspired by Día de los Muertos

Riot Games is deviating from the expected Halloween theme in League of Legends and instead introducing the new “La Ilusión” skinline. This collection of skins pays tribute to the Mexican tradition of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and other Hispanic celebrations of the departed. The skins, featuring Renata Glasc, Ziggs, Draven, Qiyana, Gnar, and Nidalee, showcase post-death antics and are set to be released alongside Patch 13.19 on Sept. 27.

Día de los Muertos is characterized by celebrating the lives of the deceased rather than mourning their loss. This is evident in the La Ilusión skinline, which incorporates colorful skulls (calaveras) and marigolds. The skins embrace the tradition by incorporating candles and altars (ofrendas), which are physical elements used to honor the departed. Families decorate these altars with items and pictures that were significant to the deceased. Nidalee, for example, pays tribute to a fallen feline companion on her altar.

In addition to this, each skin has its own unique elements. Ilusión Draven features symbols of guitars on his axes, a popular instrument associated with these festivities. Renata Glasc even has a Prestige version of her La Ilusión look, where her outfit and abilities are transformed with golds and whites. It is highly likely that this prestigious skin will be obtainable through an upcoming event pass.

Although the specific details of the event featuring these La Ilusión skins have not been revealed, it is expected that it will be tied to the first part of the upcoming World Championship. The skins are currently available for testing on League's PBE server and will be rolled out to live servers on Sept. 27. Keep an eye out for additional event-related assets, such as capsules, icons, and emotes, which will likely be added to the PBE in the next week.

As League of Legends continues to expand its themes and incorporate different cultural traditions, players are given a deeper understanding of how other cultures interpret and celebrate Halloween season. The introduction of the La Ilusión skinline highlights the beauty of Día de los Muertos and its significance in various Hispanic cultures.

– Ethan Garcia (author) – Dot Esports