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League of Legends introduces penalties for toxic players in upcoming patch

League of Legends has long been criticized for the number of toxic players that enter the popular MOBA game developed by Riot Games. Unfortunately, encountering someone who insults others through chat, displays negative behavior, or intentionally sabotages their own team is more common than one would hope.

Riot Games has always attempted to find ways to combat these behaviors, but they have not been able to completely eliminate them. However, the upcoming patch, version 13.19, will introduce a significant change that aims to prevent these toxic players from disrupting those who prefer a more peaceful gaming experience.

Players who engage in toxic behavior during ranked matches will now face penalties. This means that they will be barred from participating in further ranked matches until they can demonstrate improved behavior. Instead, they will have to play what are known as “recovery matches” in modes such as ARAM, rotating game modes, or blind pick.

Once their behavior improves, they will be given the opportunity to return to ranked matches. However, this also means that they will no longer be able to abandon matches, remain idle without participating, intentionally perform poorly, or continue to insult other players through chat. This measure will be implemented starting from September 28th, so we will soon find out if it is truly effective.

Furthermore, Riot Games has not only focused on penalties for toxic behavior. Last year, with the beginning of the new season, they introduced a new notification wheel with various symbols and meanings. One of these symbols was a hook or bait, intended to signify someone acting as a lure to combat opponents, but many players used it to tell others to hang themselves.

After a few weeks, Riot Games made slight design modifications to prevent these situations, but the changes did not have the desired effect. As a result, in the upcoming patch, the symbol will be completely removed to avoid confusion and prevent further misuse. However, it will be replaced with a new symbol whose details have not yet been disclosed.

Source: VidaExtra, Bounding Box