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League of Legends Patch 13.16: Champion Buffs and Nerfs

The highly anticipated League of Legends patch 13.16 brings lots of positive changes to the game, with several champions receiving buffs and nerfs. In terms of ratio, there are more champion buffs than nerfs in this patch. The new champion, Naafiri, has undergone some balancing changes to make the character more balanced.

In addition, the Arena game mode has undergone important changes. Now, let's dive into all the champion changes that have occurred in the LOL patch notes.

Akali's Q ability, Five Point Strike, has seen adjustments to its energy cost and damage. Brand's passive, Blaze, now restores more mana, and his Q ability, Sear, deals increased magic damage. Caitlyn's base stats have been adjusted, reducing the number of attacks per headshot.

Ekko's Q ability, Timewinder, deals more initial magic damage and has an increased slow effect. His W ability, Parallel Convergence, now provides a stronger shield. Karma's Q ability, Inner Flame, deals more magic damage, and her ultimate empowered Q ability has also been improved.

Lucian's passive ability, Lightslinger, now deals more bonus magic damage on-hit. Lulu's base stats have been adjusted, increasing her health growth. Malzahar's E ability, Malefic Visions, now ticks more frequently and has a lower minion execute threshold.

Milio's abilities, Ultra Mega Fire Kick and Warm Hugs, have both seen adjustments to their magic damage and shield strength respectively. Naafiri's base stats have been tweaked, reducing base armor, base attack damage, and base attack speed.

Nidalee's E ability, Swipe, now deals bonus damage based on bonus attack damage alongside its magic damage. Rek'Sai's Q ability, Queen's Wrath, now deals a higher percentage of total attack damage as bonus physical damage.

Shaco's base mana regeneration has been reduced, and the mana cost of his W ability, Jack In The Box, has been increased. Shyvana's W ability, Burnout, deals less damage per second and less on-hit damage.

Sylas' base mana has been increased, and the Target Dummy now has a higher movement speed and lower minimum health. Tristana's base stats have been adjusted, increasing base armor and armor growth, while reducing base magic resistance and base health.

Wukong's mana regeneration growth has been increased, and the mana costs of his Q ability, Crushing Blow, and W ability, Warrior Trickster, have been lowered.

These are just the champion changes in League of Legends patch 13.16. For more detailed changes to items and game modes, you can refer to the official LOL patch notes.