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League of Legends Patch 13.19: Updates for Worlds 2023

The latest patch for League of Legends, Patch 13.19, brings several changes to champions and items. This patch is specifically designed to impact professional play as it will be used in the upcoming Worlds tournament in 2023.

One of the notable changes is the buff to Lee Sin, a popular champion in competitive play. His abilities have been strengthened to make him more viable in the professional scene. Additionally, several champions, such as Azir, Galio, and Gangplank, have had their cooldowns adjusted to improve their performance.

Furthermore, there is a new audio accessibility update for global ultimates. Players now have the option to enable visual notifications for global sound effects such as Sion's Ultimate and Corki's Package. This feature can be found in the “Interface” tab of the game settings menu under the “Accessibility” section.

In terms of item changes, Randuin's Omen has been reduced in cost, making it a more affordable option for players. Seeker's Armguard now provides more armor, increasing its defensive capabilities. Statikk Shiv's Electroshock damage to minions has been decreased to balance its power.

The patch also includes adjustments for ARAM (All Random All Mid) mode. Champions like Briar have received buffs to their healing and damage, while others like Galio have been nerfed in terms of damage dealt. These changes aim to improve the balance and gameplay experience in ARAM mode.

In addition to all these updates, there are bug fixes and quality of life changes. These fixes address issues with certain champion abilities and interactions, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience for all players.

Overall, Patch 13.19 brings a range of changes to champions, items, and game modes. With Worlds 2023 on the horizon, these updates will have a significant impact on the professional scene and enhance the overall gameplay experience for League of Legends players.

– League of Legends Patch Notes, Riot Games.