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Lempo: A Spine-Chilling Psychological Horror Game Inspired by Finnish Mythology

Publisher PID Games has announced that Lempo, a highly anticipated psychological horror game, is set to launch on September 7th for PC and PlayStation 5. Developed by One Trick Entertainment, Lempo promises players a terrifying experience inspired by Finnish mythology, focusing on exploration and unraveling mysteries.

In the game, players take on the role of Paul, a man who becomes lost in a dark and mysterious forest after a day of work. This forest, known as Metsänpeitto, is connected to a supernatural plane of existence filled with enigmatic forces and threats. Players must navigate the treacherous forest and find a way out before it engulfs them.

As players venture deeper into the dark and vast Metsänpeitto, they have the tools to light their way and investigate their surroundings, such as a lighter and flashlight. Scattered throughout the environment are valuable items that can be used to uncover mysteries and solve complex puzzles. Players may also encounter souls that hold important clues.

Combat is not a necessary element in surviving Metsänpeitto, but players will face various intricate puzzles that are pivotal to unraveling the forest's secrets and ultimately escaping its eerie grasp. The game's immersive nightmare experience is further enhanced by its chilling visuals and atmospheric sound design.

Lempo offers players a twisted realm where the rules of the real world do not apply, featuring events and beings that go beyond human comprehension. For those eager to dive into the horrors of Lempo, a playable demo is currently available on Steam, offering a taste of the thrilling journey that awaits. PlayStation 5 users can also add the game to their PlayStation Store wishlist to be notified as soon as it becomes available.

Sources: PID Games


Psychological horror game: A genre of video game that focuses on creating a sense of psychological unease and fear in the player through narratives, gameplay mechanics, and atmospheric elements.

Finnish mythology: The mythological beliefs and stories originating from the people of Finland, which often include supernatural beings, events, and deities that play a role in their folklore and traditions.