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Liam Hemsworth is not The Witcher’s biggest problem, the books are

Henry Cavill has said goodbye to the role of Geralt in The Witcher, leaving fans with mixed emotions. Liam Hemsworth will be taking on the character, but that's not the main issue Netflix needs to address in Season 4. The real problem lies in the adaptation of the books.

Fans have been criticizing Netflix for its handling of the source material, with the adaptation being questionable at best and neglectful of the books at worst. Now, in Season 4, the showrunners face an even bigger challenge in how they will navigate the story.

The transition from Cavill to Hemsworth may not be as seamless as initially expected. Fans had hoped that the change in appearance could be explained by the source material, but Netflix's track record doesn't make that seem likely.

However, the recasting isn't the biggest concern. The real issue lies in the plot itself. The first two seasons of The Witcher covered the events of the first and second books respectively, so it would make sense for Season 4 to adapt the third book. But this is where things get complicated.

The Witcher's strength lies in the dynamic of Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri as a found family. In Season 4, they will be separated for an extended period of time, posing a challenge for the show's narrative.

The books are not structured in a linear fashion, with interconnected stories forming the overall narrative. Book 3, the source material for Season 4, sees Geralt searching for Ciri, who is on her own separate adventure. Yennefer's storyline is also not directly tied to the events of the book.

This lack of clear beginnings and endings for the characters' arcs poses a problem for the show. Additionally, the show will need to condense three books into one season in order to move the plot forward. It remains to be seen how Netflix will handle this complex situation.

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