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Lies of P: A Beginner’s Guide to the London-Inspired Action Game

Lies of P is an exciting action game set in the city of Krat, filled with mechanical puppets and intense combat. Drawing inspiration from From Software's titles, this game requires careful blocking and dodging to succeed. The unique twist? You play as Pinocchio, the beloved puppet from Disney movies and Italian folklore.

Combat in Lies of P revolves around blocking rather than dodging. While you can dodge unblockable attacks, the game incentivizes guarding with your weapon. Blocking an enemy's attack allows for a quick counter-attack, making it a better offensive and defensive strategy. On the other hand, rolling can be slow and less effective.

Blocking with your guard up reduces the damage taken and triggers a feature called Guard Regain. This enables you to regain lost health by going on the offensive. Rolling may prevent damage altogether, but mistiming a dodge can result in taking the full force of an attack. Guard Regain offers a way to heal back a portion of the damage sustained, making it beneficial to rely on blocking.

Perfectly timing your guards can lead to a perfect guard, where you receive zero damage. Not only that, but a perfect guard can stagger your enemy, leaving them vulnerable to a powerful follow-up attack. Paying close attention to enemy attack patterns and executing perfect blocks is crucial for defeating bosses and larger enemies.

In Lies of P, the Pulse Cell is the healing item, and you gain charges by resting at Stargazers. However, once the charges are depleted, dealing damage will slowly replenish them. Spending all your Pulse Cell charges early in a fight isn't a death sentence, but it requires playing carefully until you can heal yourself again.

Ergo is the game's currency, obtained by defeating enemies. When you die, you drop all your Ergo and must retrieve it by returning to your body. The twist here is that every hit you take reduces the amount of Ergo you can recover, encouraging you to rush back to your body without engaging in unnecessary combat. However, you can regain some Ergo by killing enemies on your way back, adding a risk versus reward aspect to corpse runs.

Lastly, your weapon's durability decreases as you use it for blocking and attacking. Luckily, you can restore durability by using the Grinder item. Grinding for a few seconds, even during combat, will replenish your weapon's durability.

Remember these key points during your first few hours playing Lies of P to enhance your experience and improve your combat skills. Stay vigilant, time your guards perfectly, and manage your resources wisely. Have fun exploring the fascinating world of Lies of P!

– Blocking: Using your weapon to defend against enemy attacks.
– Dodging: Evading enemy attacks by quickly moving out of the way.
– Perfect Guard: Timing your guard perfectly, resulting in zero damage and potentially staggering the enemy.
– Pulse Cell: The healing item in Lies of P.
– Ergo: The currency obtained by defeating enemies.
– Stargazers: Locations where you can rest and replenish your Pulse Cell charges.
– Durability: The level of wear and tear on your weapon, which decreases with use.
– Grinder: An item that restores your weapon's durability.

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