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Livestream 2: Escape from Togaezuka Happy Place Announced for Switch and PC

Qureate and developer Orgesta have unveiled their latest game, Livestream 2: Escape from Togaezuka Happy Place. This sequel to Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami will be available on the Nintendo Switch on September 21, with a PC release planned for this fall.

Livestream 2 is a side-scrolling survival action-adventure game set in an abandoned shopping mall. Players must navigate the mall and elude a mysterious mascot while searching for items and clues to help them escape. The fate of the characters will be determined by the choices made by the player throughout the game.

The game features three main characters – Himari, Aina, and Miyabi – who will start their searches from different locations within the mall. Players will need to switch between the characters to find the necessary clues to escape. The goal is for all three to safely reunite and escape together without leaving anyone behind.

While exploring the mall, the characters will encounter a dangerous mascot. If they come face to face with the monkey mascot, it is crucial to run away immediately, hide, and evade its pursuit.

Exploration is key in Livestream 2. Players will need to search the entire mall to find items and hints that will aid in their escape. Various puzzles will also challenge the characters along the way. Using the acquired items and hints effectively will be essential for solving these puzzles.

Livestream 2: Escape from Togaezuka Happy Place features a talented voice cast, with Himari Aitsuki voiced by Lynn, Aina Hiiragi voiced by Mano Ayumi, and Miyabi Himemiya voiced by Nozomi Yamamoto. The character design is by Waon Inui, and the scenario is by Takayoshi Muto (Synthese). The game is produced by Yujiro Usuda.

To get a taste of the gameplay, you can watch the official gameplay video below. More information can be found on the game's official website.

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