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LOUD Captain Downplays Pressure to Play Valorant Champions in North America

LOUD captain Matias ‘Saadhak’ Delipetro has dismissed the idea that there is added pressure to play Valorant Champions in North America, as the home crowd has not shown much support for his team. LOUD secured a spot in the upper bracket semi-finals after defeating Fnatic 2-0, marking Fnatic's first loss in international matches this year. The match against Fnatic provided extra motivation for LOUD as they sought revenge for their previous loss in the VCT LOCK//IN grand final. However, even though LOUD is one of only two remaining teams from the Americas in Los Angeles, they have not received much support from the North American fans.

Saadhak expressed his disappointment during a press conference, stating that it doesn't feel like they are representing the Americas because many people are rooting for teams from Europe instead. He mentioned that the lack of American support makes the opposing teams feel more comfortable. Saadhak hopes that as LOUD continues to perform well, they will be able to win over the crowd and gain more support. He also addressed rumors of internal clashes within the team and called them lies, emphasizing that they are still working hard and trusting each other.

LOUD will face Paper Rex on August 19 in the next round, with a spot in the upper bracket final at stake.