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Mac vs. PC Gaming: Which is Better?

Windows PCs have long been dominant in the world of computer gaming, with Apple's Mac falling short in terms of graphics performance and support for cutting-edge 3D visuals. However, the tide is starting to turn as Mac computers equipped with Apple Silicon and the Metal graphics API begin to challenge high-end Windows PCs.

In terms of performance, the best Macs can now match mid-range Windows gaming PCs, delivering reliable frame rates at 4K resolution and maximum detail settings. However, high-end Windows PCs still reign supreme, boasting superior performance and features such as hardware accelerated ray-tracing.

Game compatibility has long been a downfall for Mac gaming. However, Apple's Metal API and the Gaming Porting Toolkit have helped developers bring more games to the Mac. Despite these improvements, the majority of games are still released for Windows first, making PC gaming the clear winner in this category.

Peripheral compatibility is another area where Windows PCs outshine Macs. PC gamers have a wide range of hardware options, including monitors, keyboards, mice, and VR headsets, while Mac gamers have fewer choices and limited support for peripherals.

When it comes to portability and form factor, Macs have an advantage with their efficient Apple Silicon chips, allowing for longer battery life in laptops and competitive performance in smaller desktops. While compact PCs exist, they often lag behind Macs in terms of graphics performance. On the other hand, PC gamers have the option of handheld gaming PCs like the Steam Deck, a feature not available to Mac users.

In conclusion, while Mac gaming has made significant strides in recent years, Windows PCs still hold the upper hand in terms of performance, game compatibility, peripheral support, and portability.