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Man Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison for Identity Theft Scheme Involving Stolen Vehicles

A 49-year-old convicted robber and burglar, Jean Anthony Parret, has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for his involvement in an identity theft scheme. Parret pleaded guilty to three counts of identity theft and one count of grand theft in Orange County Superior Court. As part of the plea deal, multiple other charges were dismissed.

The scheme involved using stolen identities to open lines of credit and purchase high-end vehicles from various dealerships. Parret was accused of stealing or attempting to steal 10 vehicles in total, causing losses of over $400,000. The thefts occurred between November 2021 and February 2022 in multiple Southern California counties, including Orange, Los Angeles, Kern, Ventura, and Riverside.

Prosecutors revealed that many of the stolen vehicles were subsequently transported to Mexico for displacement. The investigation was carried out by various law enforcement agencies, including the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the San Diego Regional Auto Theft Task Force, the California Department of Justice, and the District Attorney Offices for Orange and San Diego counties.

State Attorney General Rob Bonta emphasized the importance of holding individuals accountable for fraud and theft. He thanked the attorneys and partner agencies for their efforts in ensuring that justice was served.

In addition to the financial losses suffered by lenders and dealerships, the scheme also had a significant impact on the identity theft victims. They had to deal with the financial, legal, and emotional consequences of having their identities stolen and their credit damaged.

This case serves as a reminder that engaging in fraudulent activities will have severe consequences. The sentencing of Parret sends a strong message that law enforcement is committed to combating identity theft and protecting innocent individuals from falling victim to such schemes.

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