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Many Underage Players Admit to Playing Grand Theft Auto V, Survey Finds

A recent survey conducted on Reddit has revealed that a significant number of players admitted to playing the popular video game, Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5), when they were underage. Released in 2013, GTA 5 has an age rating of 18+ due to its mature themes, including violence, profanity, crime, drugs, and sexual content.

In the poll, which aimed to gather honest responses, out of 3,428 respondents, 2,600 individuals confessed to playing GTA 5 before they turned 18. This finding suggests that a vast majority of fans of the game were underage when they first played it.

Many of those who shared their experiences on Reddit stated that they were desensitized to violence due to exposure to violent media from an early age. Others mentioned that their parents allowed them to play the game at a young age, albeit with certain restrictions. One user recalled, “My dad let me drive around a bit when I was 10 but didn't let me actually play it until I was 15.” Another user admitted to playing their first Grand Theft Auto game when they were only 9 years old.

The survey also sparked a discussion about parenting and the influence of violent video games on children. One user expressed conflicting feelings about their own childhood experiences, stating, “I played a lot of violent video games as a kid, including GTA, but I don't know if I would let my kid (if I ever have one) play games unsupervised like I did, especially since they're much more realistic.”

It remains to be seen how these results will compare to the introduction of Grand Theft Auto 6, which is set to release in the future.

– Reddit survey conducted on r/Gaming subreddit.