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Marvel’s Avengers Being Pulled from Sale at the End of the Month

Marvel's Avengers, the live service game developed by Crystal Dynamics, is set to be delisted and pulled from sale at the end of the month. Despite its initial release in September 2020 receiving mixed reviews, the game experienced issues with bugs and a declining player base shortly after launch. As a result, sales failed to meet the expectations set by Square Enix, with reports stating that they were less than half of what was hoped for.

Crystal Dynamics continued to support the game with regular updates, including new characters and missions, but announced earlier this year that no further content would be released before the game's removal from sale. The final 2.8 update made most cosmetics free for all players and converted in-game currency into resources, providing rewards to those still actively playing.

Although the game will no longer be available for purchase after September 30th, it will still be downloadable for existing owners. Single-player content will be fully accessible, and multiplayer functionality should remain operational for as long as possible. However, Crystal Dynamics cannot guarantee the resolution of any unforeseen issues that may arise.

Additionally, time-limited events will continue on a two-week rotation, and operations, as well as the War for Wakanda expansion, will remain accessible.

To bid farewell to Marvel's Avengers, the game's Definitive Edition is being heavily discounted on Steam, with a 90% price reduction until its delisting, bringing the price down to £2.99/$3.99. Those who already own the game will still be able to play it even after the delisting. This is the final opportunity for interested players to experience Marvel's Avengers before it is no longer available for purchase.

– Delisted: Removed from sale or availability
– Player base: The number of individuals currently playing a game
– Cosmetics: In-game items that modify the appearance of characters or objects
– Multiplayer: The ability to play with or against other players online

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