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Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Lead Designer Confirms Halara Nightmare is Not Non-Binary

In a recent interview with Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE's lead designer and writer, Kazutaka Kodaka, it has been definitively clarified that the character Halara Nightmare is not non-binary. Halara Nightmare is one of the Master Detectives in the game and is introduced as a partner to the protagonist, Yuma Kokohead.

The confusion surrounding Halara's gender identity stemmed from their character profile, which stated that they have no specified gender. However, it is important to note that Halara never explicitly claims to be non-binary. Instead, they simply choose not to share their gender with others.

Furthermore, throughout the game, Halara is primarily referred to by their name or with general nouns, rather than using gendered pronouns. There are only two instances in which they are referred to with they/them pronouns, but these can also be interpreted as being used in a general sense rather than indicating their gender identity.

Despite these facts, some individuals in the Western community jumped to the conclusion that Halara was non-binary based on their character quirks and the colors of their design, which resembled the Non-Binary Pride Flag. However, this theory has been debunked by the game's creator.

Kodaka explained that the intention behind not specifying Halara's gender was simply to create a sense of mystery and interest, rather than conveying a deep social message.

It is important to respect the creator's intentions and not impose our own interpretations onto fictional characters. While representation is important, we should not make assumptions or claim representation where it may not exist.

– Denki Online (Japanese news outlet interview with Kazutaka Kodaka)