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Mastering Mirage Smokes: A Guide for Counter-Strike 2 Players

Mirage, a popular map among Counter-Strike 2 players, requires a combination of strategic planning, skill, and game sense. However, one aspect that should not be overlooked is the effective utilization of smoke grenades. Whether you are attacking as a terrorist or defending as a counter-terrorist, a well-placed smoke can make all the difference. Here's a comprehensive guide to some must-know smokes on Mirage for players looking to gain a competitive edge.

Counter-Terrorist Smokes

For Counter-Terrorists seeking to obstruct vision from the palace, the CT to Palace A Smoke is a crucial tool. This smoke can be especially helpful if the defenders on A are lacking their own smoke.

Terrorist Smokes

A necessary smoke for any A site execution is the T to Jungle/Stairs Smoke. This smoke is essential for blocking off key positions on the A site.

When taking the B site, the Trash Bags to B Short Deep Smoke can provide ample cover. This smoke works well in conjunction with the Edward smoke.

To block off the CTs when attacking the A site, the T to A CT Smoke is an essential tool. Additionally, the T to A CT Smoke (Second Variation) offers an alternative smoke lineup to prevent CTs from peeking.

The T to A Stairs Smoke is perfect for denying access to riflers or snipers playing from the A stairs.

If you are planning to take the B site from the apartments, mastering the T to B Edward Smoke is a must. This smoke pairs well with the B short smoke.

For gaining deep control, the T to Jungle Deep Smoke is an excellent choice. However, it does leave you exposed to players from connector or short.

To achieve mid-control and prevent snipers from taking you down from the window, the T to Mid Short Smoke is a valuable tool. Additionally, the T to Mid Window Smoke is crucial for dominating mid, particularly against snipers.

When contesting mid, obstructing the view of players from connector is important. The T to Top Connector Smoke can help you achieve this.

For fakes or combined A takes, the TV Room to A CT Smoke comes in handy. It is also useful for blocking off rotators when executing B site takes with the TV Room to B Kitchen Door Smoke.

Completing B site control can be ensured by using the TV Room to B Kitchen Window Smoke, which works well when paired with the Door Smoke.

If your strategy involves B split or taking B short control, the TV Room to CT B Short Smoke is ideal.

Another great smoke for mid or A-takes is the TV Room to CT Jungle Deep Smoke.

For players looking to supplement their mid-control strategy, the TV Room to Top Connector Smoke can be an effective tool.

Finally, the T to Short Smoke provides an early block for those on B Short. While it may not be frequently used, it can be useful for fakes or quick rotations through spawn.

These smokes cover all the essential positions and strategies on Mirage. Familiarizing yourself with them will elevate your gameplay, even though there are a couple of extra smokes that you may rarely use.

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