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Mega Man X DiVE Gets Offline Version for Android, iOS, and PC

Mega Man X DiVE, originally released as an always-online game in 2021, is now getting an offline version. The new game, called Mega Man X DiVE Offline, will be available for Android, iOS, and PC via Steam.

The offline version will feature three different modes for players to enjoy. The story mode will allow players to blast through a wide variety of stages, while also offering the opportunity to level up multiple playable characters by completing story mode missions.

In addition to the story mode, players can test their skills in the challenge mode, which offers a variety of difficult experiences. Time trials will be a part of this mode, and other specific challenges may also be included. The event mode will provide extra stories based on fan-favorite Mega Man games.

With over 900 stages to complete, there is plenty of content for players to explore. Additionally, players can customize over 100 playable characters, adding to the game's depth.

The release date for Mega Man X DiVE Offline on PC is set for August 31, as confirmed by Capcom. The official landing page of the game states that it will be available for Steam, Android, and iOS on September 1, indicating that the mobile version may launch on that date.

Unlike the free-to-play mobile version, the offline version on Steam will be priced at $29.99. It is unclear whether the mobile versions will also require a purchase. However, considering the existing free version of the game on mobile, it is likely that the offline version will come with a price tag.