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Megaton Musashi: Wired – An Action-Packed Hack-and-Slash Robot Game with Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Level 5 has released an exciting new trailer for their upcoming game, Megaton Musashi: Wired. The game is set to be released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. The trailer showcases the game's post-apocalyptic setting and the highly detailed custom robot-building mechanics.

Megaton Musashi: Wired is an action-packed hack-and-slash robot game that is scheduled for a global release this year. One of the standout features of the game is its online multiplayer mode, which will allow players to engage in cross-platform gameplay. This means that players on different platforms can battle against each other, adding a new level of competition and excitement to the game.

Not only does Megaton Musashi: Wired offer cross-platform multiplayer, but it also boasts cross-save functionality. This means that players can save their progress on one platform and continue their game on another platform seamlessly. It's a great feature for players who own multiple gaming devices and want to play the game wherever they go.

In addition to its online features, Megaton Musashi: Wired also features a wide range of iconic mecha from popular series such as Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, UFO Robo Grendizer, Combattler Z, and Voltes V. Fans of these series will love being able to control and customize these beloved robots within the game.

The development of Megaton Musashi: Wired has seen its fair share of delays, which were primarily influenced by the anime series. The game's staff indicated that the delays were necessary to ensure that the game's content aligns with the anime. The project is not just limited to the game; it also includes a television anime, collaboration with Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, Bandai toy releases, and an internet anime spinoff called “After School.”

Fans of hack-and-slash action games and mecha enthusiasts alike should keep an eye out for the much-anticipated release of Megaton Musashi: Wired. With its cross-platform multiplayer features and the ability to pilot iconic mecha, the game is sure to provide endless hours of thrilling gameplay.

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