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Meta Announces Launch Date and Features for Quest 3

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has revealed that its highly anticipated Quest 3 virtual reality headset will be launching on October 10th. The headset will come in two models, with prices starting at $499 for the 128GB version and $649 for the 512GB version. As an added bonus, both models will include a free copy of the game “Asgard's Wrath 2” upon its release in December.

During Meta's two-day virtual event, Meta Connect, the company described the Quest 3 as the “first mainstream mixed-reality headset,” offering a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality capabilities. The Quest 3 boasts several notable improvements compared to its predecessor, the Quest 2, including a 40% slimmer profile, 30% better resolution screens, a GPU with twice the performance, redesigned Touch Plus controllers, and hand tracking. Additionally, it will be compatible with the Quest 2's extensive library of over 500 games, apps, and experiences.

Meta also made announcements about upcoming content for the Quest 3. A version of the popular game Roblox has been optimized for VR and is now available for Quest headsets. Furthermore, Xbox Cloud Gaming will be coming to the Quest 3 in December, further expanding the gaming capabilities of the device.

Several exciting games are in the pipeline for the Quest 3. A “Stranger Things VR” game is set to launch on November 30th, allowing players to enter the Upside Down universe through an in-game portal that appears within their own living room. Other titles include “Assassin's Creed Nexus VR” and an augmented reality game called “Lego Bricktales,” which lets players interact with virtual Legos. Additionally, there will be a tie-in game called “Mini-Puft Mayhem,” which corresponds to the release of the “Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord” game and will bring mischievous Mini-Puft marshmallow ghosts into players' living rooms.

The launch of the Quest 3 and its innovative features and content offerings solidify Meta's position as a leader in the virtual reality industry.