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Meta Overhauls Horizon Worlds for VR Games as the Platform Struggles to Gain Momentum

Meta, the parent company of popular virtual reality app Horizon Worlds, is making changes to its platform in an effort to attract more users. Horizon Worlds is a free social network where users can create avatars and interact with others in a virtual reality environment. However, the platform has struggled to gain traction, with fewer than 200,000 monthly active users.
To address this issue, Meta has launched an in-house studio called Ouro Interactive, focused on developing first-party VR games for Horizon Worlds. The studio's first game, a shooter called Super Rumble, offers improved graphics and fidelity compared to other VR games on the platform. Meta plans to test the game when it releases a mobile version of Horizon Worlds in the future.
Meta is also working on revamping the infrastructure of Horizon Worlds to support higher-quality and more complex games, as well as provide better tools for third-party developers. The company wants to ensure that there is a wide range of compelling content available to users from the start.
Vishal Shah, Meta's Vice President of Metaverse, stated that the goal is to transition from a VR-only platform to one where VR is the primary focus. The company sees Horizon Worlds as a bridge between smartphones and its Quest VR headsets.
Meta's efforts to improve Horizon Worlds come as the company's Reality Labs unit reported a $3.7 billion operating loss in its latest earnings report. Since the beginning of 2022, the Reality Labs unit has lost over $21 billion, highlighting the significant investment required to develop VR and augmented reality technologies for the metaverse.
Meta's vision for Horizon Worlds is to create a digital playground similar to Roblox, where users can play games and interact with others in a 3D social network. However, the platform has yet to resonate with the public, and Meta aims to change that by introducing more video games and enhancing the overall user experience.