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Meta Partners with LG for Future Quest Pro Headsets

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is reportedly collaborating with LG to develop and manufacture future Quest Pro headsets. The partnership involves multiple subsidiaries of the LG Group, with LG Electronics taking charge of production using LG Display displays, LG Energy batteries, and components from LG Innotek.

The first product resulting from this partnership is expected to be released in 2025, with an estimated price tag of around $2000. While industry estimates suggest that the headset could be called “Quest 4 Pro,” it is more likely that it will be named Quest Pro 2, considering Meta's naming scheme and the differentiation of the “Pro” line as a separate product category.

This collaboration is not Meta's first venture with an experienced consumer electronics company. In the past, Oculus Go was manufactured by Xiaomi, and Oculus Rift S was co-designed and manufactured by Lenovo. In both cases, the partner company's logo appeared on the headset alongside the Oculus branding. It remains unclear how LG's branding will be featured on the reported 2025 headset.

Additionally, Meta is said to be planning to release a cheaper headset in 2024, not in partnership with LG. The estimated price for this headset is under $200, although it appears unlikely given the current pricing of the Quest 2, which is priced at $300.

This partnership with LG may be Meta's strategy to bring their high-resolution, technologically advanced headset to the XR market to compete with Apple's Vision Pro, slated for release in 2024. Apple is reportedly facing production challenges, which could limit the availability of Vision Pro in its early stages. This presents an opportunity for Meta and LG to establish themselves in the high-end XR headset market before Apple gains traction.

Moreover, Samsung and Google are reportedly also aiming to release high-end XR headsets priced around $2000, indicating that a fierce competition may be on the horizon in this segment.

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