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Meta’s Quest 3 Introduces Full-Body Tracking for Immersive VR Experience

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, has announced that its upcoming VR headset, the Meta Quest 3, will feature innovative Inside-Out Body Tracking (IOBT) technology. This new feature will enable the Quest 3 to accurately track the user's wrist, elbows, shoulder, torso, and legs without the need for any additional hardware.

VR games have often faced challenges in accurately estimating the location of a player's arms and hands, resulting in a less immersive and occasionally juddery experience. However, Meta's new IOBT technology aims to minimize this disconnect, providing a more natural and fluid VR gaming experience. The Quest 3 will also include side cameras facing downwards, further enhancing its tracking capabilities.

The Quest 3, priced at $499 and bundled with six months of Meta Quest+, will receive an update in December that introduces Meta's “Generative Legs” system. Utilizing cutting-edge AI models, this system will estimate the position of the user's legs, overcoming a longstanding hurdle in VR tracking. While the accuracy may not match that of upper-body tracking, it marks a significant step forward in achieving realistic full-body tracking within games and virtual spaces.

Several popular VR games, including Swordsman VR, Drunken Bar Fight, and Supernatural, will be among the first to leverage the new body tracking and Generative Legs technology. Meta aims to empower developers to incorporate these features into their games, beginning in December 2022.

Furthermore, in December, Meta will introduce Xbox Cloud Gaming onto the Quest 3 platform, allowing users to stream a variety of Xbox games on a resizable virtual screen. This move positions Meta as a potential competitor to Sony's upcoming PSVR 2.

Meta Quest 3's Inside-Out Body Tracking and Generative Legs system herald a significant advancement in VR technology, offering users a more immersive and natural VR gaming experience. With Meta's commitment to improving the VR ecosystem, we can expect further innovations in the future.

– Meta Quest 3 product announcement