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Microsoft Announces Xbox Credit Card for Gamers

Microsoft continues to innovate and provide new offerings to its Xbox customers. In their latest move, the company has revealed the launch of an Xbox credit card, specifically designed for gamers. The credit card will offer customization options and points that can be redeemed for games and other Xbox-related purchases.

The Xbox credit card will be available to American Xbox Insiders starting from September 21. This card is separate from the existing Microsoft Rewards program, allowing members to earn additional points by spending money with the credit card. For each dollar spent, cardholders will earn one point, with higher point values for items such as gift cards depending on their membership level.

One of the key advantages of the Xbox credit card is the ability to earn points on various purchases. Cardholders will earn the highest number of points when buying Xbox or Microsoft products. Additionally, they can earn points for eligible streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, as well as dining delivery services such as Grubhub and DoorDash. Everyday purchases will earn a lower point value.

To further incentivize Xbox Insiders to apply for the credit card, Microsoft is offering attractive benefits. The first purchase made with the Xbox credit card will reward cardholders with 5,000 points worth $50. Non-Game Pass subscribers will receive three months of Game Pass Ultimate, while existing subscribers can gift the three months to someone else.

Similar to the customization options available for consoles and controllers, the Xbox credit card will offer five design choices, allowing cardholders to personalize their card with their own gamertag. The designs range from classic green and black to a more colorful transition from purple to pink.

There are several additional features that come with the Xbox credit card, including $0 fraud liability, access to credit score checks, and no annual fees. Further details can be found in the Terms and Conditions of the card.

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