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Microsoft Discontinues $1 Trial for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Ahead of Starfield Release

Microsoft has decided to discontinue its $1 trial for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a move that has caused quite a stir in the gaming community. This decision comes just days before the highly anticipated game, Starfield, is set to be released.

The $1 trial for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate was initially retired in March as Microsoft explored different marketing strategies for new members. However, it was later reinstated but with a reduced trial period of 14 days. Now, it has been completely removed, leaving many gamers disappointed, as they had hoped to utilize the trial to access the new game.

The timing of this removal is speculated to be linked to the launch of Starfield, which is considered one of Microsoft's most awaited first-party games in recent years. The game's release on the Xbox Game Pass is scheduled for September 5th, and Microsoft wants gamers to subscribe to the service at its regular price rather than take advantage of the $1 trial.

Microsoft has been actively making changes to its subscription products in recent months. After discontinuing Xbox Live Gold, the company introduced a new Game Pass Core subscription. The $1 trial for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has seen multiple changes, from being removed entirely to being reintroduced for a limited duration.

Despite the removal of the $1 trial, gamers can still access Starfield at a lower cost through the Xbox Game Pass. The PC Game Pass is priced at $9.99, and Xbox Series S and X console owners can avail it for $16.99 for one month. This is considerably cheaper than the upfront cost of $69.99 for the game.

It remains uncertain when or if Microsoft will reintroduce the $1 trial or similar promotions in the future. For now, gamers will have to subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at its regular rates to enjoy access to Starfield and other games in the library.


– Wario64 on Twitter/X