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Microsoft Reveals Xbox Game Pass Lineup for Late September and Early October

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) has announced its upcoming lineup of games for Xbox Game Pass in late September and early October. The subscription service offers its members access to a wide variety of games, both new releases and older titles.

Available now on Xbox Game Pass are “Lies of P” and “Party Animals,” which were released on September 20. These games provide players with unique experiences and hours of entertainment.

In the coming weeks, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can look forward to the release of “Payday 3” on September 21, “Cocoon” on September 29, and highly anticipated title “Gotham Knights” and “The Lamplighter's League” on October 3. These new additions to the lineup offer exciting gameplay and engrossing narratives for players to enjoy.

However, with the addition of new games, some titles will also be leaving Xbox Game Pass on September 30. These include “Beacon Pines,” “Despot's Game,” “Last Call BBS,” “Moonscars,” “Outriders,” “Prodeus,” and “Weird West.” Players who are interested in these games should make sure to play them before they are removed from the platform.

Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass has been gaining popularity among gamers, reaching a milestone of 30 million members. The service provides an affordable way to access a vast library of games. With frequent updates to the game lineup, subscribers always have something new and exciting to play.

In conclusion, Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass continues to deliver a strong lineup of games for its members. The addition of new titles in late September and early October, along with the removal of some games, ensures that subscribers will have a diverse selection of games to choose from. Whether it's action, adventure, or strategy, Xbox Game Pass has something for everyone.


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