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Microsoft Shuts Down Speculation on Next-Gen Minecraft for Xbox Series X|S

Microsoft has put an end to rumors and speculation about a next-gen version of Minecraft for Xbox Series X|S. The company released a statement to Eurogamer stating that the recent ESRB rating is not indicative of any new versions or platform support for Minecraft in the near future.

In the statement, Microsoft clarifies that they periodically go through rating reviews and updates with regional boards due to the availability of Minecraft on multiple platforms and geographies. This rating should not be interpreted as a confirmation of a next-gen release.

While the statement leaves room for future possibilities, it seems that there are no immediate plans for a current-gen release of Minecraft on Xbox Series X|S. This might come as a disappointment to fans who have been eagerly waiting for a next-gen port of the popular game.

It's worth noting that the existence of a ‘next-gen' version of Minecraft has been known since the pre-release Xbox Series X demos. However, until now, Microsoft has not provided any concrete details or release plans for this version.

As of now, fans will have to wait patiently for any updates or announcements regarding a next-gen release for Minecraft on Xbox Series X|S. In the meantime, avid players can continue enjoying the game on its current platforms.

– Eurogamer