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Microsoft Testing Automatic Upload of Xbox Game Captures to OneDrive

Microsoft is currently testing a new option for Xbox Insiders on the Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead rings that allows for the automatic upload of Xbox game captures to OneDrive. This new feature aims to make it easier for users to save and access their Xbox screenshots and clips.

Currently, Xbox users have the option to manually upload their game captures to OneDrive, save them on an external drive, or upload them to the limited storage available on the Xbox network. However, these methods have their limitations and inconveniences.

With the new feature, all new game clips will be automatically uploaded to the videos folder in OneDrive, while screenshots will be uploaded to the pictures folder. This integration with OneDrive, a service that many users already utilize for backing up personal files, provides a more streamlined and reliable solution for storing and accessing game captures.

It's worth noting that at present, the ability to upload 4K clips to OneDrive is not supported, but Microsoft is working on adding this capability. Additionally, for those who already have clips saved on the Xbox network, Microsoft has created a wizard in the Captures app to assist users in backing up their existing clips to OneDrive or an external drive.

While it may take a few months for this feature to become available to all Xbox users, it is expected to be a highly anticipated addition for gamers who frequently use OneDrive. With 1 TB of storage offered with a Microsoft 365 subscription, utilizing OneDrive for game captures becomes a logical and convenient choice.

– The Verge