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Microsoft Unveils Plans for New Xbox Console, Mid-Cycle Refresh Expected

Recent leaks from the FTC v. Microsoft courtroom battle have revealed the tech giant's upcoming plans for its Xbox business. The most significant revelation is the introduction of a new Xbox console, codenamed “Brooklin,” that will serve as a mid-cycle refresh for the current Xbox Series X.

One noticeable change in the design is the transition from a rectangular cuboid design to a more cylindrical appearance. Document leaks have provided a front angle view of the new console, showing this design shift. However, it is important to note that this refresh will not be an upgraded “Pro” version and will have performance aligned with the existing Series X.

Advancements in technology have allowed for a 15% decrease in power consumption, achieved by reducing the current 6nm die that powers the console. Additionally, the new Brooklin console will feature 2TB of internal storage, a front-facing USB-C port for power delivery, and support for Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2.

Interestingly, Microsoft seems to be moving away from the disk drive for this version, following a similar move in the more affordable Xbox Series S. While this suggests that Microsoft may introduce a separate disk drive for users who prefer physical media or access their existing game libraries, it does not necessarily mean that discs will be completely phased out.

According to leaks, the new Brooklin console is slated for a November 2024 release, retaining the $499 price point of its predecessor. Additionally, there are hints of another refresh, codenamed “Ellewood,” for the Series S, which is expected to debut shortly after Brooklin. This refresh for the Series S will offer a larger 1TB drive instead of the current 500GB, addressing limitations in storage capacity considering the size of modern games.

In addition to the console refreshes, Microsoft is also working on a new “Immersive” gyro controller, codenamed “Sebile,” which will be compatible with both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. This controller is rumored to feature a rechargeable and swappable battery, providing a more convenient and eco-friendly option for gamers.

While these leaks provide an exciting glimpse into Microsoft's future plans for the Xbox, it is important to remember that they are subject to change and should be taken with a grain of salt. As always, it will be interesting to see how these developments unfold and how they are received by the gaming community.

– Mid-cycle refresh: An update or improvement to a gaming console released during its current generation lifespan.
– Die: In semiconductor manufacturing, a die refers to a small block of material on which a microcircuit is fabricated.
– Wi-Fi 6E: The latest Wi-Fi standard that operates in the 6 GHz frequency band, offering faster speeds and less interference.
– Bluetooth 5.2: The latest version of the Bluetooth standard, providing improved speed, range, and stability for wireless connections.

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