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Microsoft’s Court Victory Reveals Future Plans for Xbox

Newly unredacted documents from the Microsoft vs. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) case have unveiled the company's gaming roadmap for the next five years. Although the court battle ended in Microsoft's favor, the leaked documents have cost the company years of confidentiality for future Xbox projects.

One of the biggest revelations is Microsoft's plan for the successor to the Xbox Series X and S consoles. The internally titled “Xbox Next-Gen” console is set for release in 2028 and will feature cloud processing as a prominent feature. This means that developers will be able to offload certain processing tasks to the internet, allowing for more efficient computing and potentially more impressive visuals.

In addition to the next-gen console, Microsoft has plans for mid-generation refreshes for the current Xbox Series X and S consoles. The Series X will receive a slimmed-down model called “Brooklin” that removes the disc drive and includes improvements such as improved Wi-Fi, USB-C ports, and more storage. The Series S will also see a refresh with improved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Alongside the new consoles, Microsoft is releasing an updated Xbox controller codenamed “Sebile.” The new controller will feature an accelerometer, speakers, precise haptic feedback, and a two-tone design. It will also have quieter buttons, modular thumbsticks, and improved cloud gaming capabilities.

The leaked documents also hint at potential remasters of Bethesda games. A 2020 internal presentation suggests that Bethesda had plans to remaster The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3 before Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax. However, it's unclear if these plans are still in place.

While Microsoft's court victory has exposed its future plans for Xbox, it has also revealed the company's desire to acquire Nintendo. In an email exchange between Xbox head Phil Spencer and Microsoft executive Takeshi Numoto, they discussed the possibility of a Nintendo merger, but acknowledged that it is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Overall, the leaked documents provide a glimpse into Microsoft's gaming strategy for the next few years, including the development of a next-gen console, controller updates, potential remasters, and ambitious acquisition goals.

– Microsoft vs. Federal Trade Commission court documents