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Minecraft Cats: A Guide to Their Uses

Minecraft's cats have been loyal companions to players for over a decade. While they may not have the combat abilities of other pets, they still serve multiple purposes in the game. In Minecraft 1.20+, cats have become even more useful with new features added to their behavior.

One of the main advantages of having a cat in Minecraft is their ability to deter creepers and phantoms. Creepers, known for their explosive attacks, and phantoms, annoying flying creatures, will keep their distance from cats. Creepers stay six blocks away, while phantoms maintain a 16-block range. This can greatly reduce the threat these mobs pose to players.

However, it's important to note that cats cannot prevent creepers from exploding if they are already in the midst of detonating. Players still need to be cautious of their positioning around creepers, even when accompanied by cats.

Another interesting feature of Minecraft cats is their ability to offer gifts. After being tamed, cats have a chance to leave presents for players when they wake up from sleeping. These gifts can include items like rabbit's feet, feathers, and even valuable phantom membranes. Sleeping in a bed at night is necessary to trigger this mechanic.

Additionally, cats can breed and produce offspring. Players can put two tamed cats into Love Mode by feeding them raw cod or raw salmon. The cats will then create a kitten. After breeding, cats have a cooldown period of five minutes before they can breed again. Feeding kittens raw cod or raw salmon can also accelerate their growth process by 10% per feeding.

Overall, Minecraft cats have proven to be versatile and helpful companions to players. From deterring dangerous mobs to providing gifts and producing offspring, these feline friends offer more than meets the eye.

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