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Minecraft for Xbox Series X/S Rated by US Entertainment Software Ratings Board

The US Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) has recently rated Minecraft for Xbox Series X/S, indicating a potential current-gen release for the popular game. This comes after its initial listing on Germany's game ratings website, hinting that the release might be closer than anticipated.

Currently, players can enjoy Minecraft on their Xbox Series X/S consoles through backwards compatibility with the Xbox One version. However, this limits the game's ability to utilize the advanced features and hardware capabilities of the more powerful Xbox Series X/S, such as faster load times made possible by the SSD.

It remains unclear whether the current-gen release of Minecraft will be cross-platform, allowing players from different consoles to connect, or if PlayStation Minecraft players will be limited to the PS4 version. Further updates and announcements from the developers are awaited to provide clarity on this matter.

Minecraft's most recent update, known as the Trails and Tales update, introduced exciting additions to the game. These include the introduction of archeology, new materials to discover and build with, and the introduction of a cherry blossom biome. These updates continue to enhance the gameplay experience and offer new possibilities for players to explore, create, and share their adventures.

– US Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB)