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Minecraft Legends Update 1.10 Patch Notes: Crash Fixes and Character Dialogue Updates

The Minecraft Legends update 1.10 (PS5 version 1.010) has recently been released on all platforms, including Steam. This patch brings a number of fixes to the game, addressing various issues that players have encountered. Here's a summary of what is included in the official patch notes for Minecraft Legends version 1.17.53059.

One of the main focuses of this update is fixing crashes that could occur during gameplay. Several instances of crashes have been addressed, ensuring a more stable gaming experience for players.

Additionally, the update adds missing German character dialogue and subtitles from the campaign prologue changes in the last game update. This improvement aims to enhance the overall immersion and enjoyment for players who prefer playing in German.

Another important fix is related to disconnecting from multiplayer sessions. The update addresses several issues that were causing players to get disconnected from these sessions, improving the multiplayer experience for all.

A crash that could occur on Steam when signing into a Microsoft account via the Marketplace after backing out of an offline game has also been resolved.

Furthermore, the update addresses an issue where an old objective and empty map could appear after defeating the second piglin outpost in the campaign. This bug has been fixed, ensuring a smoother progression through the game.

Other fixes include in-game invitation prompts not responding to mouse input, accepting game invites from Xbox Game Bar while in a respawn state, and the inability to join a friend's lobby if the joining process had been previously cancelled.

Overall, the Minecraft Legends update 1.10 patch brings important fixes that improve gameplay stability, address language-related issues, and enhance the overall multiplayer experience. Players can now enjoy a more seamless and enjoyable time in the world of Minecraft Legends.

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