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Minecraft Update 2.73 Patch Notes: Fixes and Improvements

The latest Minecraft update has arrived, bringing a number of fixes and improvements to the popular game. Minecraft update 2.73, also known as Bedrock patch version 1.20.31, addresses issues introduced in the previous update, 1.20.30. Let's take a closer look at what this update has to offer.

One of the major fixes in Minecraft update 2.73 is the resolution of a crash that could occur during split-screen multiplayer gameplay. Players can now enjoy a more stable experience when playing with friends in split-screen mode.

Another crash addressed in this update is related to the Realms Plus page. Opening this page should no longer result in a crash, ensuring players can access and manage their Realms without any issues.

PlayStation users will also be pleased to know that the crash that occurred when opening the control center or when a controller notification appeared on screen has been fixed. These crashes no longer interfere with the smooth gameplay on PlayStation consoles.

Additionally, server performance has been improved when Villagers are grouped together. Players will notice a smoother experience when dealing with Villagers in Minecraft's world.

Marketplace accessibility has also been fixed in this update. Previously, leaving the game on for extended periods of time caused Marketplace to become inaccessible. With the 2.73 update, players can enjoy uninterrupted access to the Minecraft Marketplace.

Finally, the update addresses an issue with dependencies failing to load with newer versions of the @minecraft/server-ui module.

As always, players can expect more updates in the future as Mojang continues to improve and enhance the Minecraft experience. Stay tuned for the latest updates, and happy crafting!

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