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Modern Warfare III: Carry Forward Content from Modern Warfare II

With the official reveal of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III approaching, it has been confirmed that a significant amount of content from Modern Warfare II will carry forward into the new game. This means that weapons, cosmetic content, bundles, operators, rewards, and unlocks that players have obtained in Modern Warfare II will be accessible in Modern Warfare III.

Players can expect a vast arsenal of weapons from both Modern Warfare titles, providing a massive selection of armaments from day one. However, there are some restrictions on what content will carry forward. Certain items may be unavailable if they are not included in Modern Warfare III, such as specific vehicles or equipment in different game modes. Additionally, music tracks will not be transferable from Modern Warfare II to Modern Warfare III.

The carry forward feature also applies to Call of Duty: Warzone. When Modern Warfare III Season 01 starts, players can expect the integration of Modern Warfare III content into Warzone, including all the previously unlocked Modern Warfare II content. This integration is additive, meaning that players will not lose any content they have obtained in Warzone.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile will feature shared progression across Modern Warfare II, Warzone, and Modern Warfare III. This means that operators, weapons, blueprints, cosmetic equipment, player level, battle pass access, and weapon progression will all be accessible in the mobile version of the game.

For players who have unlocked operators in Modern Warfare II, these operators and their skins will carry forward into Modern Warfare III. However, MWIII players who do not own MWII will not have access to MWII base operators. Timed-exclusive operators and skins that were not unlocked or purchased will not be available in both games.

Overall, the carry forward feature allows players to retain and continue using their favorite weapons, operators, and cosmetic items from Modern Warfare II in the upcoming Modern Warfare III game.