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Moonlighter: A Gem in the PlayStation Plus Lineup

PlayStation Plus offers a plethora of games each month to its subscribers. One game that stands out among the rest is Moonlighter. This game is currently available to Extra and Premium-tier subscribers.

Moonlighter presents a unique gameplay experience where players take on the role of Will, a shopkeeper. Will's goal is to make a living by managing his shop and satisfying customers. Each day, players stock the shelves, interact with customers, catch thieves, and negotiate prices. With the profits earned, players can expand the store and even establish additional shops in the village.

While Moonlighter may seem like a relaxing game reminiscent of titles like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley, it offers more excitement. At night, Will explores the dungeons of the mysterious village of Rynoka. Defeating enemies in these dungeons allows players to collect valuable goods. The dungeons are procedurally generated and each one is home to a powerful boss that must be defeated to progress to the next.

Overcoming the challenges of the dungeons and improving combat skills is essential. Players can also use their profits to purchase better armor and weapons, offering permanent upgrades to aid in future dungeon exploration. The game's stunning pixel art visuals and fluid animations contribute to its immersive experience. The soundtrack adds to the atmosphere, providing a mix of chill and mysterious vibes.

Among the AAA titles in PlayStation Plus Extra's game catalog, Moonlighter may have been overlooked by some. However, it deserves a chance. Once players start playing Moonlighter, it becomes difficult to put down. This gem of a game is an excellent addition to the PlayStation Plus lineup, especially considering that it is free for subscribers.