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MOZA Racing Announces R3 Bundle: The First Officially Licensed Racing Simulator for Xbox

MOZA Racing has recently partnered with Microsoft to introduce the R3 Bundle, an officially licensed racing simulator for Xbox. This comprehensive bundle includes the R3 DD Wheelbase, ES steering wheel, and the SR-P Lite pedal set, making it the ultimate package for racing enthusiasts.

The R3 DD Wheelbase is a 3.9Nm Direct Drive Wheelbase that delivers realistic force feedback and exceptional performance. With its compact design and robust build quality, it can be easily adapted to any gaming space. The ES steering wheel features a durable aluminium alloy framework and ISF grips for maximum comfort and durability. It also includes an RGB sequential shifter light indicator with customizable settings.

The SR-P Lite Pedals complete the R3 Bundle with their high-strength steel construction and ultra-sensitive angle sensor. These pedals respond to even the slightest movements, providing a truly immersive racing experience. Whether connecting directly to a PC or Xbox, users can configure their own setup.

The R3 Bundle is set to be released by the end of the year and is priced at AUD $799.95. It will be compatible with popular racing titles such as Forza Horizon, Project CARS, F1, DiRT Rally, and Assetto Corsa, allowing users to start racing right out of the box.

In addition to the R3 Bundle, MOZA Racing will be introducing the MOZA SDK 1.0 in October. This software development kit will enable users to enhance their racing experience through third-party software. It opens up opportunities for driver monitoring systems, remote driving systems, driver training systems, and racing entertainment devices.

To learn more about the R3 Bundle and MOZA Racing's other products, visit their official website or follow them on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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