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MTG Banlist Changes for 2023: Preordain and Mind’s Desire Unbanned

In the latest update, Wizards of the Coast has decided to remove two cards from the MTG banlist instead of adding any new ones. Preordain in Modern and Mind's Desire in Legacy are both getting unbanned, marking the extent of the banlist changes for 2023.

While potential problem cards like Orcish Bowmasters and The One Ring were discussed, Wizards stated that they do not feel the need to ban anything at this time. They explained that four-mana cards like The One Ring have a high bar for being considered too strong in the powerful Modern format.

The reasoning behind not banning The One Ring and Orcish Bowmasters is that games are not quickly decided by these cards, allowing for longer and more interactive matches.

Now, after a decade of being banned since 2011, Preordain will be reintroduced to Modern. Wizards aims to reduce the size of the Modern banlist and believes that Preordain will benefit fair blue decks, providing consistent card draw without solely boosting combo strategies.

In Legacy, Mind's Desire, which was swiftly banned in 2003, is making a comeback. Wizards wants to give a boost to combo strategies in order to keep them on par with the gradual power creep of Magic over the years.

According to Magic: The Gathering's new plan for card bans, the next banlist update will not arrive until late summer 2024, unless there is an emergency ban necessitated by new sets. However, Wizards has assured that these emergency bans will be rare occurrences.

The most recent MTG bans were for Standard, where cards like Fable of the Mirror Breaker and Reckoner Bankbuster were removed. Phyrexian Sheoldred, on the other hand, remains untouched and continues to be a strong card in MTG Arena decks.