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My Experience with Starfield on Cloud Gaming: A Bumpy Ride

As someone who hasn't been a fan of gaming subscription services, I never had the chance to try Xbox Game Pass. However, when I acquired a free month of Game Pass Ultimate and saw that Starfield was available, I decided to give cloud gaming a shot.

Initially, my experience with Starfield on cloud gaming was far from smooth. There were significant delays in loading the game due to the high number of players at that moment. However, this was something I could have also faced if I had bought the game physically.

Once I started playing through the tutorial mission, things improved. The game ran without any noticeable lag or graphical issues. However, when I entered space for the first time, the game became almost unplayable due to poor visual quality and glitches.

After that initial rough start, Starfield began to run more smoothly. Any minor glitches or issues were similar to what I've experienced during remote play with my Xbox Series X.

It's worth noting that playing Starfield on a smartphone is not the same as playing on a high-quality TV. The smaller screen size and lower resolution can make some text and details harder to see. But overall, it is still enjoyable to play on the smaller screen.

Starfield on cloud gaming is a visually impressive game, particularly when exploring space and desolate planets. The only serious issue I encountered was a classic Bethesda glitch, but surprisingly, it only affected the local version of the game, not the cloud version.

Although my experience with Starfield on cloud gaming had its share of bumps and frustrations, it was still a fun experience. Bethesda has stuck to their formula, providing an engaging open-galaxy experience. Now, I can only hope they focus their efforts on Elder Scrolls 6.

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