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MythForce Achievements Revealed for Upcoming Dungeon-Crawling Game

If you're a fan of fantasy cartoons and enjoy co-op dungeon-crawling games, then MythForce is a title you should look out for. This first-person hack-and-slash roguelike game is set to release on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on September 12, and it promises to bring epic vibes reminiscent of popular fantasy cartoons like Masters of the Universe.

Developed by Beamdog and published by Aspyr Media, MythForce allows players to explore towering castles and dingy crypts as they battle against evil. The game features four unique characters to choose from: Victoria the Knight, Hawkins the Hunter, Maggie the Mage, and Rico the Rogue. Together, they must take down the villainous Daedalus and his minions.

To give players an extra challenge and sense of accomplishment, the game offers a total of 24 achievements to unlock. Some of these achievements include defeating a certain number of enemies, defeating specific bosses on higher difficulty levels, completing episodes without taking damage, and more. Players can also earn achievements by purchasing perks, spending gold, and interacting with in-game merchants.

MythForce aims to provide an immersive and challenging co-op experience, allowing players to test their skills and teamwork. With its nostalgic cartoon aesthetics and intense gameplay, it's sure to appeal to fans of the fantasy genre.

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