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NCAA Football Video Game Set to Return in Summer 2024

The popular NCAA Football video game series, which has not had a new release since 2014, is set to make a comeback in the summer of 2024. The game's return was initially planned for 2023 but got postponed due to various reasons.

Legal issues, including lawsuits like the Ed O’Bannon case, had previously led to the discontinuation of the NCAA Basketball series and the EA Sports football game. However, the introduction of new Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rules in college athletics paved the way for the revival of the NCAA Football game.

The main challenge faced in the production of the game is obtaining licensing rights for player names, images, and likenesses. It was reported in June that players could receive a payment of around $500 each, with no royalties expected. There have been rumors of a special deal for a “cover athlete.”

While most athletes seem willing to accept the $500 offer, some players and their agents believe they deserve a higher compensation. To tackle this issue, EA Sports is considering offering players an “opt-in” or “opt-out” option. Players who opt-in will be included in the game and receive the $500 payment, while those who opt-out will not be featured and won't be compensated.

Production of the game is already underway, with EA Sports representatives visiting college campuses to scan stadiums, gather uniform and mascot images, document fight songs, and more. The game is expected to include features like the transfer portal and potentially incorporate NIL aspects as well.

Despite concerns and threats of boycotts and legal action from some players and the College Football Players Association, EA Sports has reassured fans that the game will make its long-awaited return next summer. College football enthusiasts can look forward to playing NCAA Football in 2024.