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Nebraska’s Offensive Performance Against Minnesota: A Mixed Bag

In reviewing the tape of Nebraska's game against Minnesota, quarterback Jeff Sims demonstrated his commitment to improvement by studying every play, regardless of its outcome. Sims analyzed his own performance, identifying areas for refinement and acknowledging that even successful plays could be perfected.

One aspect of Sims' game that stood out was his ability as a runner. He amassed an impressive 117 yards on the ground, including 91 yards after accounting for sacks. Sims emphasized that he doesn't enter games with a predetermined plan for his rushing workload, but rather reacts to the circumstances on the field to contribute to the team's success. Offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield praised Sims' physicality and effectiveness in the quarterback run game, which proved to be an asset in the 13-10 loss to Minnesota.

However, the passing game was where Sims faced some challenges. He threw three interceptions, including one in the end zone and another in the final minute, impeding Nebraska's chances of mounting a game-winning drive. Sims acknowledged that he needs to refine his passing skills and make smarter decisions to avoid costly turnovers.

Despite the mixed performance, Sims' commitment to growth and self-analysis shines through. By studying his own game, he strives to continuously improve and contribute to the team's success. As Nebraska moves forward, Sims' dedication and willingness to learn will be crucial in honing his skills as a dual-threat quarterback.

– “VIDEO: How did Nebraska's offensive line perform against Minnesota?”
– Interview with Jeff Sims, Marcus Satterfield, and Matt Rhule

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